Thursday, 18 September 2014

Summer Training

An Update on Summer Training!

Wow! I didn't realize how long its been since my last post! The entire summer's gone by! So I wanted to fill you in on what i've been up to for my summer training this year with the team!

The first big camp we went to was the Haig camp in July. 

Morgan stretching on the heli pad

My awesome blisters!

Random training days in Canmore are always fun too!

My majestic dog Jett

My majestic sister Clara

Skiing up Norquay with Emmy and Morgan

Morgan flying in for a photo!

But the most unexpected and best training day all summer for me was our team training day last wednesday. Where it SNOWED! Snow in September? Whaaaaaaaaat?

There was so much snow, i couldn't make it to school!

The view from my front porch, Brrrrrrrrr!

xc stadium skiing with the girls! Super fun!

My coach Al photo bombing Lauren! 

Morgan, Emmy, and Georgia all bundled up!

The best skiing in September i've ever done!