Sunday, 30 March 2014

Living the Dream

Living the Dream

Throughout my skiing and racing career, I have created, accomplished, and made new goals and dreams that have helped me in becoming the best skier that I can be.  For this past season some of my big goals for skiing were to recover from an iron deficiency I faced, stay healthy throughout the whole ski season, and to win a gold medal at Nationals.  All of these things are important to me in their own ways.  At the start of last ski season, there was no way I had thought that by the end of it, I would have accomplished all three of these goals.  This past week was the Haywood Ski Nationals in Corner Brook, Nfld.  I had a super fun time seeing all of by buddies from out East and having some awesome competition in my races.  Here are some pictures from Nationals:

Killing it in the Quarter Finals!

Super fun 5km course

Tough heat in the Team Sprint with partner Emmy - Go Team Pink Hats!!!

Close heat in the A Finals

Living the Dream!

This season was one of the greatest learning experiences of my life.  For racing I learned to never, ever ever give up, I learned to not over think things, and I learned to believe in myself.  All three of these things are things that are going to help me in achieving my goal to be the best skier in the world.  For me this season has been absolutely incredible.  An iron deficiency at the beginning of the season to a gold medal at Nationals by the end wasn't achieved by only myself however; I have had the support from many people throughout the whole season who have helped me to get where I am now.  Some of these people are:

- My coach Alain Parent: Who helped me with the recovery process from my iron deficiency with fixing my training program, and who believed in me throughout the entire season. Thanks Al!

- My sponsor One-Way: Who have been with me throughout the whole year, and who helped me in accomplishing me goals.  Thanks One-Way!

- My good friend Morgan: Who believed in me from start to finish, and who has helped me in becoming a better skier. Thanks Morgan!

- My coach Kathy Davies: Who coached me for so many years, and who is still there for me when I need some support.  Thanks Kathy!

- My club teammates from Canmore Nordic: Who have pushed me during training and have helped me through all of my ups and downs this year.  Thanks team!

- My teammates and heroes from Team Ninja: Who mentored me this season and helped me to learn to have fun with skiing while still being completely kick-ass! HIEEEYAAA! Thanks Ninjas!

Something one of my many ski heroes Kikkan Randall once said was that there are steps to achieving your dreams.  Something she does is she makes a dream, she believes in herself, she trains hard and achieves her dream, then she shares her dream and finally, makes a new dream.  Because I've shared my dream, I guess the next step is to make a new dream. 

Today is the start of a new year, a new training season, and another chance to achieve my dream.  

I can't wait!

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